How To Increase Your Teamwork Efficiency

As the old adage goes, “teamwork makes the dream work” and it has never been more true. Working as a team is one of the primary foundations of success when working through the various phases of a project. When you are asking for help from a fellow coworker, you are working as a team. Even attempts to boost individual statistics to bring up overall team averages is considered working together. This aspect makes working as a team important. However, when project managers attempt to coordinate projects – especially now, as more teams are beginning to become virtual – it poses a question: how do you improve your teamwork efficiency?

The Meaning of Team Efficiency

Almost every team has a specific, set goal. Getting things done in a timely manner, and increasing overall output is important. We have to consider the streamlining of work-related tasks. Each individual has to contribute to outputs for a project and complete additional output in a timely manner.

Essentially, teamwork efficiency relies on each member of the team collectively working and contributing, with minimal wasted time, energy, effort, and output. Each teammate will need to be able to easily communicate with other members of the project to cohesively complete a deliverable while still meeting project deadlines.

When working together in person, this can be accomplished relatively easily. However, teams often begin to struggle as they transition to remote work, creating problems for businesses. Quickly and efficiently completing work becomes now more important than ever. When working remotely without direct supervision, a teammate might become more lenient in how and when he/she chooses to complete their assigned tasks. This is where working as a team becomes even more important. There will be accountability.

Developing Teams Who Work Efficiently

As leaders, we understand how frustrating it can be to develop a team – especially when they are working remotely. Team collaboration on projects is often not only desirable but essential to the timely completion of deliverables for your clients. Teammates will need to be able to interact with each other, as well as collaborate on specific tasks and duties.

Sometimes, it might happen that a teammate is unwilling or unable to collaborate with the rest of the project team. That can be a problem as it might push back the entire project back from its original schedule. To some, it may seem as though this is an overstatement. However, missing as much as a singular piece of code in a coding project can cause errors that keep the project from moving forward.

Therefore, encouraging and fostering teamwork efficiency is more important than ever. Working as part of a team requires openness, visibility, security and communication. All of it can be hard to achieve when working remotely.

How Leaders Can Foster Collaboration From Afar

We all know that managing teams, to begin with, is no easy task. Getting things done when your team is remote may seem nearly impossible – however, there is a solution. As the market demand for online project management has grown, more software has become available. These tools help teams collaborate like never before and increase teamwork efficiency.

Teamwork software has a wide variety of features that allow users to interact and collaborate in ways that are productive. Even for teams who are working remotely. This software takes the primary requirements of team management and provides a platform to monitor and evaluate progress in real-time. Team leaders and teammates both benefit.

Team Management Software and Its Features

Some of the features included in most team management software include, but are not limited to:

  • task calendars: these calendars allow teammates and leaders to view specific tasks, deadlines, and completion notes. They provide a space for each individual on the team. They review project goals and requirements and effectively plan for future tasks
  • collaboration tools: collaborating is going to be an important part of any goal. Project tools are provided in this software to ensure teammates can collaborate through screen sharing, video, and audio call functions
  • project briefing: teams can receive updates on the status of a project. They also might receive any urgent changes or news in regards to the expectation of deliverable timeframes

Other important functions include being able to search for specific freelancers – filling missing gaps in teams and building projects based around specific skillsets. This is important for many startup companies, as finding the right source of talent can be nearly vital to project completion.

Ultimately, team management software allows teams and their leaders to make their work more efficient. For example, it takes full control of their projects, and search for individuals who are qualified and ready to fill in the hiring gaps. Nevertheless, it also provides a streamlined process for collaborating and utilizing a variety of other project tools.

How Teamstack Can Help Take Your Teams to the Next Level

Teamstack understands teamwork efficiency- in fact, we built our platform around it. We have realized that companies, freelancers, and startups all require integrative online project management software to be successful – and that is what Teamstack aims to provide. Our software can be utilized with 500+ different programs, meaning you and your team will be able to work from the comfort of your home and collaborate.

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Networking, Managing Your Teams and More With Teamstack

One of our best features is talent searching and networking. We provide lists of individuals who are skilled in specific areas and eager to provide services. In other words, we can connect you with top industry specialists who are knowledgable in your field.

Furthermore, any teammates you are already working with can be categorized by skillset and managed into their own separate teams. This allows relevant employees to view and manage tasks specific to their personal contributions, creating networks of individuals to ensure that tasks are completed.

We also offer briefing services. They allow you to provide your teammates in all branches of a project with updates in regards to progress completed, where your teams are in the process of completion, any deadline changes or deliverable changes. They also allow teammates to determine the next best step to completing their projects.

By utilizing integrated compatible programs, we guarantee that businesses can easily and efficiently streamline their deliverables. Our teamwork software provides a full-stack solution to many common collaboration issues and connects with you an audience of individuals to develop your workforce and teamwork efficiency.

Our Mission

No matter what your team’s specific needs are, utilizing our collaboration software will help promote collaboration and meet your goals, making it an essential part of any team’s daily workflow. If leaders are unsure as to whether or not the software is right for their team, we do offer a free trial period of the software. It allows you to explore options and features.

We support teams and help their growth. Utilizing our program will help take your team’s projects to the next level. It gives team leaders peace of mind in knowing the remote collaboration is possible.

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