In the previous article, “How Hackers Can Hurt Your Business,” we discussed how a cyberattack can seriously impact a business. Whether a company is the victim of malware, ransomware, password cracking, or other methods of hacking, there will usually be damages to both a company’s finances and reputation.

The consequences of a hacked company are dire. But the good news is, there are ways to protect your business from hackers. Use some of these tips to prevent getting hacked.

5 Ways to Guard Your Business Against Hackers

1. Adopt a Password Policy

Without a password policy in place, most employees will use simple, easily-hackable passwords. As a result, these passwords are a giant security flaw. You can dramatically improve the security of your business by requiring that employees and clients alike use strong passwords. Strong passwords have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

2. Install Security Software

Some security software can indeed be expensive. However, many hackers rely on the fact that companies don’t use or update their security software to hack in more easily.

Also, it’s much more cost-effective in the long run to pay for good security software and prevent attacks than it is to pay exorbitant fees to clean up an attack after it’s happened.

3. Limit Access to Sensitive Data

The more employees that have access to important or sensitive data, the higher the chance is that a hacker will get access to it.

That is why it is best to make sure that confidential documents like payment info or health and accounting records are only accessible by those who truly need it.

4. Destroy Old Documents

Whenever you replace computer equipment, destroy all the old hard drives. Also, be sure to shred paper documents that contain sensitive data. That way, paper thieves can’t get access to your records.

5. Use Secure Identity Management Tools

In addition to standard security software, there are other useful tools you can use to keep your employee information secure. Identity access management tools like Teamstack work with hundreds of applications to keep identity information secure. It also reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your records.

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The Bottom Line

With such dire consequences to cyberattacks, businesses need to have strong defenses and an incident response plan in place that will help to prevent getting hacked.

Tools like Teamstack can help companies build security defenses against cyberattacks. Teamstack is a cloud identity management system that pairs with apps including Dropbox, G Suite, Zoom, and hundreds more to securely manage employee data and prevent unauthorized access to company data.

Teamstack has a variety of tools that allow your company’s team members to easily and securely log into these applications without compromising security.

Features like Single Sign-On and one-click user provisioning ensure data security while making it easy for employees to log on. Single Sign-On allows an employee to log in once and have access to all their apps through Teamstack. Not only does this reduce the risk of employees using weak passwords that are easier to remember, but it also reduces IT costs, as there will be fewer login issues overall.

One-click user provisioning also increases the security of employee data by making it simple to give and revoke access with the click of a button. Employees can be easily moved between active and inactive states and given access to the apps they need right away.

If you want to improve your company’s security and protect your business from hackers, Teamstack could be right for you. Check out the rest of Teamstack’s features here: https://www.teamstack.com/