A recent survey by online security service Comparitech 2019 has shown that 47% of participants shared their passwords with their spouses. The survey also showed that 17% of women and 28% of men developed more trust in their partners after sharing their passwords. It may seem a good idea to share passwords with your partner. However, we are not concerned with who you share the password with but rather the means of password sharing. It is more than a matter of trust. Instead, it is a matter of security for both parties. Therefore, partners who consent to share their passwords must do it in a secure method. One such way to guard shared confidential information is via end-to-end encryption.

What Is End-To-End Encryption?

End-to-end encryption is a secure method of protecting communication and information shared privately online. It prevents a third party from accessing the data while it is moving from one system to the next. It also uses secret algorithms on endpoints to encrypt and decrypt the communication. Thus, not even the service provider can access the data. End-to-end encryptions provide the best defense of securely sharing passwords with your partner.

Implications of Leaked Credentials

Passwords are what make devices vulnerable to security threats since they give a chance for human error. There are several adverse outcomes associated with leaked credentials.

  • Financial Theft – Hackers often target passwords shared online because they are the keys to users’ financial and personal accounts. Through a single password, hackers can access your bank accounts or credit details. Infringement may result in unauthorized transactions on their end.

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  • Identity Theft – Another risk of leaked credentials is identity theft. A hacker could use your identity to engage in illegal activities. It might land you in trouble with the authorities. Besides, scammers can use exposed data for defamation or blackmail.

What Are the Tips to Share Passwords Securely?

Nowadays, there are various ways in which passwords can get exposed. These involve computer breaches, using unprotected networks, or attacks on websites. However, there are tips for securely sharing passwords.
One essential security tool is the password manager. This advanced tool uses a high-quality encryption key to protect the user’s password. It also assists in dealing with many different passwords, which is a challenging task. It uses advanced keys to secure multiple passwords in a protected location. Another added benefit of a password manager is its ability to type your passwords in the browser, making the login process simple and safe.
Another defense tool is a virtual private network (VPN). This tool prevents password leakage, which could cause financial breaches by providing an additional layer of keys to data. Also, it keeps users anonymous online. Using a VPN is vital, especially when using open public networks.

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Final Remarks

Use Teamstack password manager to test your passwords and generate stronger passwords. We also eliminate the issue of shared passwords. Furthermore, we allow safe password sharing through our end-to-end encryption. Therefore, you can use Teamstack services without worrying about password breaches.