Password managers offer both pros and cons. The benefits include the creation of complex, random and lengthy passwords, auto-logons and the ability to work with multiple devices. Unfortunately, most password managers are difficult to set-up, will not work with all websites and trigger unexplainable crashes. Furthermore, they do not support all devices and browsers.

Setting Up Passwords Correctly

A password is a string of letters, numbers and symbols used for authentication. Currently, passwords are one of the most secure authentication methods available. Numerous types of password managers are available including the team password manager, cloud identity management, the company password manager and the password vault. Our issue with numerous passwords is the security threats often resulting.

Correct password managers ensure password safe practices. Afterwards, the principles just follow by all organizations. Our password management provides users with secure options for managing and storing passwords. We believe efficiently securing passwords can prevent data breaches and unauthorized access. Businesses can determine the security of passwords by visiting howsecureismypassword.net

10 Tips to Improve Your Password Security

There are numerous ways to make passwords more secure. Additionally, it includes a password organizer and for that reason, we recommend using the following tips to improve password security:

  • You should use unique and strong passwords for all applications and websites
  • Avoid consecutive numbers or letters
  • Reset passwords should at regular intervals
  • Don’t use adjacent keyboard keys
  • Configure two-factor authentication for every account
  • Avoid words found in a foreign language or English dictionary
  • Store all passwords in the same place with secure password policies
  • Try to avoid common abbreviations
  • Review password violations and try to take necessary actions
  • Use different passwords for critical or sensitive data

When we look at the perspective of the user, we realize it is much easier to manage one password, instead of multiple passwords including a complex password. If users can authenticate every system through the use of a single password, protecting the password becomes much more important. Our issue is it not feasible to use a single password for certain systems or for accessing multiple operating systems.

Security Features Necessary For Your Business

There are specific security features we believe are critical for certain applications and operating systems of business. These types of systems are able to enforce the password criteria recommended by the organization. This features include:

  • Automatic suspension of user accounts after a pre-determined number of attempts resulting in an invalid login.
  • Reactivation of suspended user accounts should require manual reactivation controlled by the security or system administrator.
  • All users should be prevented from re-using any password used in the past or passwords not meeting the length and characteristics determined by the organization.

Protect your account

The Most Common Issues of Traditional Password Management

We have witnessed numerous challenges in creating secure passwords due to a free password manager. Organizations require more passwords for web services every year. Improper password management has resulted in a significant increase in cybercrimes and data breaches. The most common threats for password protection and security include:

  • A data breach occurs either when confidential information or login credentials are stolen directly through the organization’s website database.
  • A sniffing attack is using illegal access to the network such as key logger tools to steal passwords.
  • Login spoofing occurs when cybercriminals illegally collect passwords using a fake login page.
  • A brute force attack is using automated tools to steal passwords by gaining access to the data of the user.
  • Shoulder surfing attacks result through a micro-camera. User data is accessed by stealing passwords when they are typed in.

Your Password Management Might Be Too Risky

All of the above threats provide attackers with an opportunity to receive unlimited access by stealing the passwords of the users. Users generally manage passwords through the use of risky password management as for example:

  • Users write down on post-its and sticky notes
  • Customers create simple passwords hackers can easily guess
  • Buyers share passwords through telephone, email and spreadsheets
  • Users reuse passwords for web applications

We believe understanding hackers can implement advanced attacks using specific tools is critical for every organization using traditional password management. A password organizer or password vault is an important tool for increasing password security to decrease the risk of security threats. The major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome offer web browsers with integrated password managers.

We have a major issue with all of these browsers. The security is far below what we believe is necessary for an effective password manager. Above all, passwords for both Internet Explorer and Chrome are unencrypted and stored on the computer of the user. Unless the hard drive of the computer is encrypted, the password files can be accessed fairly easily and stolen.

The master password feature offered by Mozilla Firefox enables users to encrypt saved passwords for storing on the computer. Unfortunately, this feature does not offer numerous important features including cross-platform syncing or allow for the generation of random passwords. We believe a dedicated password manager should provide organizations will specific features.

Passwords need to be stored in an encrypted form. A good password manager enables the generation of random and secure passwords and provides a powerful interface. Finally, the user should be able to access passwords easily and securely using different tablets, smartphones or computers.

How to Safely Manage Passwords with Teamstack

We have witnessed many organizations unsure how to offer team members secure access to the web, legacy and mobile applications. We believe security is always a critical concern. One of the best ways to manage passwords securely is with the cloud identity management platform available through Teamstack. Teamstack offers convenient and secure access for all organizations.

Teamstack works with well over 500 different applications to make everything a lot easier. Our automated identity management allows employees, customers and contractors to work together seamlessly and access apps safely. Teamstack provides businesses with one-click user provisioning, single sign-on and pre-built integrations. We enable team members to log in safely with no compromises in security.

Our Password Management Solutions

We protect organizations with cutting-edge security features ideal for password management. Users can establish security policies through our included dashboard including password requirements and multi-factor authentication. Organizations can use our password management solutions for specific users or for the entire organization. Our Cloud Directory enables businesses to manage all groups and users securely.

Our Cloud Directory enables organizations to create users or use outside sources for importing users. Organizations use real-time for synchronizing users to ensure all data remains current. Our Cloud Directory provides organizations with control over their users. Suspended accounts and individual user logs can be easily checked. Users can be added to groups using authentication policies and set permissions.

The Teamstack Audit Trail was created to ensure organizations remain aware of the actions of the users. For example, organizations can determine when users have logged in, logged out or requested credentials. Above all, they can find the browser information, location and IP address for every user. This helps organizations increase security, ensure proper password management and find malicious login attempts.

We offer one-click provisioning to add or remove users quickly and easily from every single application. That improves efficiency while decreasing any potential risks. Additionally, as soon as the organization has added a user to a group, the required permissions are automatically granted. It makes certain the user can access whatever is necessary. Moreover, one of our most exceptional features is SAML because it eliminates passwords entirely.

Our application works because we transfer the identity of the user to the service provider right from Teamstack. As a result, it offers user convenience in addition to security