Do people still leave passwords on post-it notes? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “yes”. And this is a common practice in companies that do not prioritize cybersecurity. This careless lack of password management system and security can lead to severe consequences. 

An Example of Carelessness

Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency accidentally revealed their password for one of their internal systems. The leak was undetected to the agency for a long time and was spotted by a member of the public. 
This was because a journalist took a picture for a news article that had a sticky note with a password on it in the background. Thousands of people saw it in that picture, and the employee who made the mistake was reassigned.

Everyone is at Risk

According to HSB, an insurance company that provides coverage for cybersecurity incidents, 33% of Americans were hacked in one given year. 
One of the main reasons why people get hacked is because they are not careful with their passwords. HSB’s survey also revealed that only 16% of Americans used a password management system. 
Some organizations use the same password for all systems and computers within their facilities. Some even have such a password stored in plain sight for all employees to see.  
Still others store them in the notes app on their smartphone (are you guilty of this?). Some write them down in planners. And some, like that hapless Hawaiian Government employee, put their passwords on post-it notes for all to see.
Practices like this present considerable security risks for the company and its interests. Is your organization guilty of these poor password management practice?

Best Practices

An excellent way to make sure that your password is safe is to use random words that are not common together in speech. If you combine those unusual combinations of words with a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, you will end up with a reasonably strong password. 
Another excellent way to ensure higher security is to change all passwords periodically if your system administrator hasn’t already made that part of the system automatically. 
All of this may seem very complicated, but a password manager like Teamstack makes it simple. It can keep you from making a mistake like putting your private information on post-it notes.

How Teamstack Helps

Over 2,500 teams use Teamstack to enforce security protocols that would otherwise be ignored within an organization. 
Team stack allows you to manage users, groups, authentication methods, and permission levels in an easy-to-use interface. Teamstack also enables your organization to be up-to-date with permissions for specific users. Precise permissions management can prevent disgruntled former employees from wreaking havoc on your organization, and can allow you to give specific permissions to different members of your team. 
With Teamstack, you can go from putting your passwords on post-it notes to taking on your organization’s security like a Fortune 500 company
No more vulnerability because one of your employees has a post-it password. No more vulnerability because of human error. Let Teamstack take care of your password usage guidelines, security, and user management.

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